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The only custom clothing franchise on the market...

We've set out to become the #1 entry-level custom suit experience for young professionals, and Pearce Bespoke is taking a non-traditional approach to disrupting the traditional made-to-measure landscape.

The Opportunity

An Industry Bursting at the Seams

The clothing industry is a 2.5 trillion dollar industry. It employs over 300 million people and accounts for 2% of the global GDP. It’s expected to grow 3.9% annually from 2024 to 2025.

Customizable clothing is at the forefront of the growth. Between 10%-30% of all clothing companies are projected to be fully custom by 2030. No inventory, no seasonal stock, no down season.


To create convenience and confidence through event-based suiting experiences.


To be the world’s premier bespoke tailor service


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Our Founder and CEO

Nathan Pearce

Franchise Competitive Advantages

In a world full of franchise opportunities, why Choose Pearce Bespoke?

Low Overhead

No retail storefront, no inventory

Huge Market

1 out of every 5 young professionals bought custom clothing last year

Low Cost, Quick Launch

1099 employees, up and running in 1-2 months


No clothing or sewing experience needed. Our team of experts teaches you everything

Cash Flow

Customers pay 100% up front at time of purchase

Event Based

Event based foot traffic takes care of 90% of your lead generation

Feel-Good Business

We get to create confidence for first time suit buyers


Easy to use cloud based POS system

Brand Competitive Advantages


With our “Perfect Fit Guarantee,” you never have to stress over your custom garments fitting the way you want them to fit


We make garments that are 100% unique to you, by selecting from our exclusive line of small-batch fabrics, buttons, and custom liners.


At just 3-4 weeks from the time of custom order placement to delivery, we have some of the fastest delivery times in the entire industry.


Custom clothing at off-the-rack prices. Why wouldn't you buy Pearce Bespoke?

Are You A Good Fit?

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