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Meet our team

Ashtin Knowles


Originating from the vibrant landscape of Freeport, Grand Bahama in The Bahamas, Ashtin’s passion for design has been an integral part of his life’s journey. Immersed in the world of creativity from an early age, he drew inspiration from his father’s ownership of a distinguished design studio, overseeing a team of over 30 talented artisans across five studios.

Growing up amidst the collaborative process of crafting intricate and artful sculptures for the annual celebrations in The Bahamas, Ashtin developed an innate appreciation for the fusion of art and culture.

Further enriching his formative years, he gained invaluable insights into client-centric service from his aunt’s downtown Freeport clothing boutique. Her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to every guest left an indelible mark, etching core childhood memories.

In his family, creativity flows abundantly; his uncle, a masterful garment tailor and designer, added another layer of artistic flair to his upbringing.

Today, Ashtin is thrilled to bring his rich heritage and passion for design to the Pearce Bespoke family. He looks forward to partnering with you, enhancing your personal style, and empowering you to conquer the ever-evolving game called life.

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